rails external database

레일즈 외부 데이터베이스 연결해보기

  1. 외부 mysql - 아직 안 해봄


    gem 'mysql2'

    블로그 참고했음 config/database.yml

      adapter: mysql2
      encoding: utf8
      pool: 5
      host: [mysql_ip]
      username: [mysql_username]
      password: [mysql_password]
      port: [mysql_port]
      socket: [path_to_mysql_socket_file]
      database: [db_name]

    The rails_env is likely either development or production, while the others are values you either just created or found.

  2. rds

    일단 이거 보기


      adapter: mysql2
      encoding: utf8
      database: <%= ENV['RDS_DB_NAME'] %>
      username: <%= ENV['RDS_USERNAME'] %>
      password: <%= ENV['RDS_PASSWORD'] %>
      host: <%= ENV['RDS_HOSTNAME'] %>
      port: <%= ENV['RDS_PORT'] %>


Written on August 21, 2017